Flash Series #1

No one else is awake. It’s just me and her. Me sitting on the back step. She crouched in the forest of grass. Black velvet fur. Ears standing straight up and pointed. Her glass bead eyes look like those of my childhood bear. But she isn’t a bear. She’s a bunny. A wild rabbit.

I shift a little closer. She looks up but doesn’t move. I can’t tell if she’s scared. Or just simply sitting there, taking in the early morning light, the  light morning air. Everything softened by the early hour.

A bird swoops down between us, leaving a divot where it snatched up an insect. Still she doesn’t move. Just twitches her nose, a quick turn of her head as she follows the birds retreating path. A lazy hop to the side and she’s back to chewing on sweet green blades of grass.

I can’t see the sun rising but I can see the light as it peaks over the horizon behind, skating between the houses and painting the gumtrees gold. She hops again. A little closer, until I can almost reach out and touch her, and I think maybe she’s forgotten. Or maybe she feels safe.

But still, I don’t move. Just in case. And I’m glad no one else is awake.

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