It’s not as hard as you think…

And therein lies the problem.

You’re thinking too hard. You’re over thinking. You’re too far ahead of where you’re actually at.

Motion leads to mastery.

Mastery builds momentum.

Momentum sustains mastery.

Sit down, gather those thoughts and make a decision. Don’t think about what you want, decide what you want. Take up a pen and a piece of paper and write down what the least amount you can do right now that will get you closer to your goal. Grab another piece of paper and write down what the absolute most would be, if you really pushed yourself. Set out a plan based on the least amount and another based on the most. And then turn your brain off and start.

Start on that first plan, start with the easy plan. See what happens. Build your confidence with little wins. Sometimes just achieving the smallest things can feel like major accomplishments when you didn’t think you could in the first place. Follow that first plan and complete it.

And then celebrate. Take the time to look back at what you’ve done. You could even make a list to keep as evidence to yourself, a report card to see where you’ve learnt, what you did, how you’ve grown, what you think you did really well and the things you think could do with some adjustments and improvements. Study that list and then…

Start on that second plan, the plan that steps out the most you could do. And I promise you, it won’t feel like you’re giving it your all. Because you’ve grown. You stopped thinking and you started doing, and in doing so, you’ve set in motion a path to mastering your craft.

What you thought at the beginning as being your upper limit will now be your middle ground. And you’ll understand and believe that you can. That you have. And that you can continue to move and master, step by step. Little wins leads to growth that gains momentum.

You won’t be stuck in your head anymore, held back by your tendency to over think and think too hard. You’ve given the ball a push, and now there’s no stopping it now


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