New Release: The Heart of a Heist

Wilde is a thief…
Grace is a teacher…
Will secrets tear them apart?

It’s a boring day at Wilde’s cover job as a docent at the local museum. She fills the time with a little mischief… but it turns interesting when the boss walks in with a young woman. Seeing her chance to test a theory, Wilde introduces herself to the woman. Little does she know, that moment causes a ripple that changes everything.

What happens when a thief falls in love with a school teacher? When the biggest part of a person is held back, unknown to the other? When someone starts to question what it is they really want in their life?

The Heart of a Heist is a story about the meeting of a mastermind thief and a school teacher, and how they navigate the hidden pieces of themselves. It’s set in a town with a tale that could be either history or legend. There are ancient artefacts, lives at stake, a super secret agency, a fumbling fence as a friend, thugs battling for possession and power… and a love story that seems impossible, until it isn’t.

Get your copy here –

$3.99 USD or FREE with Kindle Unlimited

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