Dear Hannah• Part 1

Eight years. And we made a mess of them all. Even the ones we weren't together. But I guess we were never really together. Not technically. I loved you. And I'm pretty sure you loved me. But we weren't together. We were never in the same place. Always coming from a different direction. Looking for... Continue Reading →


Writing Journal 17/01/18

FWJ #10 '..You asked me all the places I want to go, and I gave you my list. You asked me why, and I told you. I stared at your face, not hearing a word I was saying...'

Writing Journal 11/01/18

FWJ #4 '..A memory of light, and love, and happiness. But that light burned out a long time ago, taking the love with it, and slowly seeping out the happiness, pulling it down into its ash filled crater...'


One word. Thirteen letters. She can feel them cascading, tripping off her tongue as she sounds each syllable. She feels it double into twenty-six years. Feels it fold itself into her being. Comfortable in her discomfort. Face value. Face blind. Facial confusion of her own doing. Knowing not whether to smile, to frown, to turn... Continue Reading →

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