Flash Series #2

‘Babe, why is your shirt on backwards?’
Such a simple question. But she didn’t have an answer. Not a reasonable, logical answer, other than that was how she’d put it on. Not on purpose, of course.
She couldn’t think of where she’d heard it, but she remembered being told as a kid that if you put your shirt on backwards you have to leave it like that for the rest of the day or you’ll get bad luck.
Technically it was night. Bedtime actually, but she wasn’t going to test the theory. She wouldn’t be able to sleep if she changed it now. And maybe that would be how her luck turned bad, in not being able to sleep. And who’s to say how long the bad luck would last. So instead she gave a shrug of her shoulders, left it how it was and climbed into bed.
She backed up against the warm body beside her and said goodnight, body and mind tired. She wriggled around and settled in. But the tag was in just the wrong spot, scratching against the sensitive skin at the base of her neck.
She tugged on the collar, pulled it outward and twisted it a little further along so it sat flat against her collarbone. Problem solved, she settled again. But her mind wouldn’t let it go, racking her memory, cogs spinning out of control as she tried to remember where she’d heard of the bad luck saying. And soon enough, she’d spiralled past overtired and into wide awake. Laying in the dark, with soft snores filling the dark room, she stared at the ceiling and thought, maybe I should just change my shirt.

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